What actually is a


A Carport is a modern, mounted, metal, practical shelter for your car but also a lot more.

A Carport is expandable by modules with other sections.

Design variability

You can combine a carport as needed, cars side by side, cars in a row, and so on.

Protection for your car

Protect your car from the sun, rain, snow and frost. During winter and cold weather you can extend it with infrared heating.

Cost savings

The parcel of land on which the carport stands is used cleverly and does not obstruct the area like a permanent garage.

What do I get by buying a carport?

A modern and intelligent shelter

as well as covered space for leisure activities.

A Carport is made with state-of-the-art processing technology, using durable, long-life materials that can be customized to suit your needs. Alternatively it can be supplemented by, for example, storage or infrared heating.

The unique carport design makes it easy to park your car and use it for example for a garden party or like a gazeboo.

It is of course also possible to build around your carport different types of dividing structures. The overal look of the carport is modular and tailored to your needs.

how much


Completion time


Mountable | demountable

- Expandable
- Washable
- Maintenance-free
- Fair price

10 year warranty

- it does not block the land
- Stable construction
- Protection from the elements
- Better than a garage

Without building permit

- Modern
- Galvanized base structure
- Powder-coating paint
- Enhancement options

VAT deductable for corporate clients

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